The tourism industry has seen a surge in demand, thanks to the increased travel among people to distant places, both for pleasure and business. There is no better time for the motel industry than the spike in travel to attract more customers and increase profits.

However, a profitable industry sees stiff competition. When the entrants increase in the industry, you have to find innovative and clever strategies to hold your share in the market. When customers are flooded with choices, you have to fight aggressively for your market share, and to hold onto repeat customers.

Managing a motel is a rewarding, yet challenging experience. As a motel owner you have to look into the various aspects of the business to keep it going and growing. And, part of running a motel is dealing with the off-seasons and peak seasons. While, during the peak seasons, you might not experience much difficulty in drawing guests to your doorsteps, keeping the same momentum during the off-seasons is also crucial.

Those in the hospitality industry are well acquainted with the slump times that they face, and know if they do not get innovative with their marketing strategies, they are bound to see a slump in their profits as well.

There are a few strategic ideas that motel owners can employ to see revenue growth, especially during the low season, as outlined below.

Recreate The Peak Season

This would be an ideal marketing gimmick to spike sale during off-season. Look for elements that make your motel tick during the peak times, what is it that the guests find appealing enough to stay with you. Then, try incorporating the same elements even during the off-season period. If your destination is known for its scenic beach locales, then you will see a decrease in traffic during the rainy and colder months. However, you could offer pool parties and other services to keep the guests coming. Also tell the guests about other advantages like less crowd, low air fares, and such in your promotional materials. Make it look exclusive enough to pull the guests to your doorsteps.

Offer Exciting Packages

Guests staying at your motel look forward to exploring the destination. So, while marketing your motel, give your potential guests something thrilling to look forward to. Depending on your location, you can tailor the packages to provide a fulfilling experience to your guests. The package could include a wildlife safari, sightseeing, indoor pool parties, extended happy hours, rain dance parties, or spiritual retreats. You could tie up with organisations offering these services to earn some discounts for the guests staying at your motel. Ensure to tailor your packages and the rates depending on the season. If the motel has a family restaurant, add special deals like Christmas or Thanksgiving meals during unexpected times of the year.

Introduce Loyalty Or Rewards Programs

Showing gratitude to your guests is one way to see an increase in repeat business. To express your gratitude, you can award them with some reward programs. You can set loyalty points, and once they get the necessary amount of points, you can reward them with gift vouchers that they can use on their next visit. Apart from that you could also consider reward programs like giving the fifth stay free, or some other freebies for more number of stays with them. Send out an email blast or use other social media channels to ensure you reach all your customers and they can avail of this offer. Also, consider making the loyalty programs date specific if you want to boost sales during the off-season.

Organise Exciting Events

Promotional events are a brilliant strategy to boost revenues. Selling tickets to these events is a great way to add to your bottom line during peak as well as off-seasons. The event you organise depends on the destination your motel is situated in and the demographic of your guests. The events can range from a pie-eating contest to a fitness challenge or even a canine competition. Apart from events, you could organise classes, like scuba diving, snorkelling, or paddle board classes. Even fitness classes like yoga and Pilates, or dance classes like Zumba are some great ways to get word out about your motel. If your motel has conference or function rooms, you can attract a lot of corporate clients as well.

Offering unique packages will keep your profits going, give you repeat customer business, and differentiate you from your competitors. For those visiting Ballarat, do check out Barkly Motorlodge for accommodations with amazing family restaurant, conference facilities, and professional services intended to make your stay a pleasurable experience.