As important as marketing is to any business' survival, marketing efforts bear the best results when they are done right. Given that marketing is an extremely dynamic tool, there is no cookie-cutter method to get it right across all industries.

One of the major contentions that marketers across all industries face is in keeping up with the constantly evolving needs of this generation of customers. Hence, for a competitive industry like the motel business, it becomes even more overwhelming to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of their customers as well as the trends within the industry.

Given that marketing is all about speaking your target audience's language and reaching them through platforms where they are found the most, it is no surprise that social media marketing is all the rage now. The dominance of social media across every sector, including the hospitality sector, is more evident than ever before. It is said that over 70% of the hotel industry’s target audience are on some kind of social media platform, it is the most ideal environment for motels to build and further their brand.

One of the best parts about social media marketing, apart from the extensive reach it provides, is that you do not have to spend a fortune to get your business out there. If you know how to effectively leverage the various options you have in this field and how to mix and match to create the perfect marketing strategy, then, you have the potential to draw more and more customers to use your motel accommodation with even a minimal marketing budget.

In this regard, listed below are some social media marketing tools that motels can use depending on what meets their needs the best.

Create a multi-platform presence

While there are endless social media platforms out there, it is not necessary for you to be on every one of them. Getting on all of them would only mean scattering your efforts and waste of time and money. However, once you know the kind of audience you are looking to attract for your motel accommodation, you need to research and find out what channels are they most on. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are considered to be the marketing goldmines of the digital era. Getting on these portals allow motels to interact with a wide segment of audience, thus, broadening their overall reach.

Invest in paid promotions

It is not a wise move to put all your eggs in one basket. You need a mix of free and paid platforms to enrich your efforts. While regularly updating on Facebook and other channels helps attract a lot of customers, you could also consider throwing in some paid promotion into the mix to reach a significant bulk of your audience. Since, through this means you are targeting your own brand's audience, engagement and conversion rates are likely to be better than the regular paid campaigns. If your motel is located in Ballarat, you can include vivid imagery and attractive packages of the famous tourist spots like the Gold museum or Sovereign Hill to help push contemplative customers into completing their accommodation booking.

Tap into crowd sourced content engagement

Establishing a strong presence means being constantly in front of your audience’s eyes. It is even more important in this day and age where most of your audience is bombarded with so much of information constantly that it is very easy for them to forget about your brand in this sea of competitors vying for their attention. Coming up with fresh content on a regular basis is one of the key elements to afresh in your audience’s memory, while also driving great social media engagement. Crowd sourcing blogs, pictures or tweets from your previous guests is a great way to create new and interesting content. This build your brand reputation as it lends great credibility to your claims.

Strive to enhance user experience across all touch points

You can only reach the desired level of audience engagement if you take care of their experience. Enhancing user experience means taking care of critical factors like your website speed and performance, website design, information architecture, legibility, colours, and images. With a robust architecture, crisp design, clear and simple navigation, you will see increased conversion on your site, thus, justifying your social marketing efforts. You can use A/B testing to monitor the conversion funnel by tracking which pages perform better based on design and content evolution, marketing messages, and drop-downs.

Track ROI across all channels

Given how dynamic the customer journey is, your approach to measuring the digital marketing ROI has to be in line with the changing trends. The purchase journey of the customer is no longer a linear process, but can begin at any point. Moreover, there has also been a spike in searches on mobile devices. Hence, it is important for motels to not only tap into each one of these channels, but also attribute ROI to each of them. You can use many of the innovative digital tracking software to see the value your motel is gaining at every one of the touch points.

Your audience's need and comfort should be paramount to your digital marketing strategy. Your target audience across the globe are increasingly leaning on social media avenues to plan their trips and book their accommodation. Motels located in Ballarat and looking to spike their guest accommodation can use amazing tourist attractions like the botanical gardens and wildlife park to create a personalized package and content which is optimized for organic and paid search, connected to various social media channels, and designed for conversion.

Being present for your customer at every layer of their digital journey is what will give you the ultimate business edge.