Everyone deserves a break from their routine and hectic schedules and a relaxing vacation is the perfect excuse to put off the routine and embrace the fun. Everyone is dealing with their own problems and stresses and it's crucial to make time for yourself occasionally. The mind needs a little break to re-energise itself for better efficiency. When you are planning a vacation, it's important to properly plan and organise your trip to make the most of it.

People have multiple options to choose from when planning a trip. While friends might suggest one thing, a travel company might go on a completely different tangent. How can you make the right location and stay choice with so much confusion. What do you pick, a rental or a hotel? Well a rental is cheap, but is it safe? A hotel is convenient, but will it fit your budget?

There are so many doubts and queries that you need to tackle before you can enjoy some time off. The dilemma of choosing between rentals and hotels is a constant struggle. Rentals are a convenient option, but it is not necessarily the best alternative. Here is a list of benefits hotels offer to travellers, which rentals cannot match:

1. A Stay Sans Disappointments

There are a lot of facilities offered by hotels and motels that rentals cannot match. Apart from the basic amenities, there are several added bonuses that make your trip worthwhile. Rentals are limited in terms of amenities, since their budget is small-scale and their target audience is much smaller compared to hotels. On the other hand, hotels know exactly what their customers expect and are always prepared. From cleanliness of the room to quality services, everything is in order. Rentals are not always available to cater to our needs and you might have to make certain compromises. But motel executives understand that you are on a vacation, and make every possible effort to make your stay comfortable.

2. A Safe Haven is What We Seek

When you are travelling, safety is one of the most crucial aspects that you need to consider. There is no way to know how welcoming the place is, so your stay option has to be selected accordingly. A renowned motel is a safe haven for people who are new to a place and are looking for a good stay option. So, it is important to stay in a motel because being among the locals in an unknown place can be dangerous at some point of time. Motels are much safer since they have the necessary security measures. You can move around freely without any worries. There are specific parameters that a motel has to follow for the utmost safety of the vacationers. A rental might not have these facilities, which can be risky for some.

3. Everything You Need and More

There is one department where motels are better than any rental out there. From basic amenities to luxury services, motels and hotels can beat a rental hands down. Housekeeping to room service, laundry, spas, and lip-smacking food, there are so many facilities that make your stay wonderful. Since the amenities vary from one motel to another, it is important to inquire about the stay before you reach the location. Rentals do not have the same level of luxury and basic amenities, which makes your trip less enjoyable.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider a motel stay over a rental. While choosing your stay, do not forget that you need to relax to stay upbeat. Make sure to choose one of the best motels in Ballarat, Australia, where you can unwind and enjoy with your family and friends.