With the rise in competition in the hotel business, hotels are thinking of innovative strategies and clever additions to their properties to boost their revenues and profits. It also helps them to withstand the tough competition and gain customers' loyalty.

One of the additions that many hotels are promoting are the function rooms in their hotels. They are turning out to be a major source of revenue for the hotels. The room rentals, meals and supplies for the functions help draw in profits, and also keeps their hotel occupancy full. Also with an increase in demand for commercial spaces, hotels are strong contenders for conference and function rooms.

If you are in the hotel business, and your hotel/motel has a function room facility, here are some insightful sales strategies to promote the venue, and earn higher revenues.

Building Business Relationships

Building relationships with event organisers is a key element for all function room marketing strategies. These people can also turn into your regular clients if they find the facilities are up to their expectations. Depending on the kind of customers you are targeting, you could advertise in different types of magazines and online sites. You could also try offering discounts for first time customers or large gatherings. Build cordial relations with different companies and even event organisers as they get consistent requirements to organise events of various types and scales.

Provide Comprehensive Information

Provide your customers with as much venue information as possible, so that it is easy for the function organisers to make a decision. Include information like the location venue, if it is close to any popular tourist destination highlight that as well, room capacity, meeting facilities, catering, travel, and accommodation on your website. Your conference room should be equipped with all the necessary facilities because if you don't have what the customers are looking for, there is no reason for them to be back.

Provide Proper Amenities

Having a function room with all the required amenities is what will make your customers want to come back to use your hotel's function room over your competitors'. Your function room should have the capacity for a large group of people and also for them to access the different facilities like wireless internet at the same time, adequate power supply, properly functioning sound system, and good catering facilities. Also offer a wide variety of rooms of differing styles and price range to those attending the functions spreading over a day. This will ensure you get guests for your function rooms as well as your rooms.

Promote Advantages of Hotel Function Rooms

There are many advantages to choosing a function room in a hotel versus a stand-alone facility. The organisers get help with event management as the hotel has experience in hosting events of different nature. There is also the easy accessibility of the various tools needed for the smooth management of any function like chairs, projectors, and such other facilities needed to outfit the room for the function. If the function extends for more thana day, the attendees also have convenient lodging options. The organisers can also take advantage of the in-house restaurant, gym, pool, print services, and other office tools. Promote all these advantages to the event organisers to draw in more crowd.

Promote Importance Of Meetings

With the rising cost of business travel, there has been an increase in video-conferencing which has had a serious impact on the conference industry. So, it is important to get businesses to meet face-to-face in order to drive more customers to use the function and conference rooms of hotels. You could consider running marketing campaigns that stress on the importance and benefits of meeting face to face. Get in touch with local companies and event organisers and explain to them the benefits of holding meetings, functions, and any events in a dedicated conference facility, and how they can stand to benefit on many levels with these facilities versus hosting the event on their own premises. Explain how delegates and guests can concentrate on the meetings or functions without any other distractions as all the nitty-gritties of the event will be taken care of by the hotel.

Seek Collaborations

Tying up with other venues in the same city or town such as an exhibition hall or an outdoor centre can also help spike up the business and bring more traffic. These places often have some event or function going on during the year. You could offer your conference rooms for the organisers to hold their meetings when they are staging any events in your city. Many exhibition centres do not have rooms suitable for large meetings or conferences. So, your function rooms can come handy to be promoted as the ideal venue for their meetings. You can even throw in special discounted rates for all the event delegates who are out-of-towners for accommodation in your hotel. This will ensure that not only are your function rooms put to profitable use, but also your room occupancy increases.

Create Memorable Experiences

Hotels are part of the hospitality industry which relies heavily on customer service and satisfaction. They are first and foremost a service business, and providing excellent service should form the core of any hotel/motel business. This is what ensures repeat business and word-of-mouth publicity even leading to more business. Top notch customer service is paramount for ensuring long term customer loyalty. Train your staff to deliver excellent customer service at all times. When your guests run into any problems, fix it immediately. Feedback travels really fast in today's digital world, and it can serious impact your business. It is better to have positive feedback create waves for your business than negative reviews about customers' experiences.

Following these tips will help you position your hotel's function rooms to attract more guests, which in turn will help you reap higher profits, long term customer loyalty, and positive reviews.

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